Sure, you may live in Montana, but don't let the small population of our state allow you to think that your talents will never get noticed! According to the Biography Channel, our fantastic state is home to some of the greatest minds of our generation.

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Take Gary Cooper from Helena, for example. Cooper is one of the most unique American actors, and a serious influence in Hollywood films of the early '20s, including the western "High Noon," the comedy "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," and the crime drama "City Streets." Popular for his stoic personality, Cooper's career included nearly 100 films before his passing in 1925.

Need more proof that Montana was home to famous Americans? Here's a list of some of many notable figures born within our state.

Phil Jackson, Deer Lodge

(Retired American professional basketball coach and former player)

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Patrick Duffy, Townsend

(Actor of stage, television and film. Best known for his role on the CBS soap opera "Dallas")

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Myrna Loy, Helena

(American film, television and stage actress)

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Jeannette Rankin, Missoula

(First woman in the United States Congress)

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Michelle Williams, Kalispell

(Television and film actress. Credits include Dawson's Creek, Shutter Island )

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Feel better about yourself and where you are living? Good. Now, go make a difference in our world with your talents and amazing qualities! Who knows, maybe someday you'll make this list of famous people born in Montana.

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