Well this one I didn't believe at first or maybe wasn't too interested, but I love the fact that we have so many premier spots in Montana that many celebrities visit here. The word is the bieb's hit a ski hill here in Montana.

I was waiting for picture confirmation which came shortly after the postings started to roll through from my old stomping grounds of Whitefish, MT.

It sounds like a few people missed him and a few got pictures, overall as of yet nothing bad has been said about his visit other then the usual things that the biebs gets.

According to reports he rented a condo up there and is spending some time on the hill. He is from Canada so not totally off that he would be familiar with Montana anyway.

I'm hoping he was wearing a helmet and that's why his hair is messy.

Also found out him and his family stayed at Grouse Mountain Lodge and he ordered $800 in sushi. Sounds like fun!

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