One of the most fun events in Missoula is back for another year, the Fairy Tale and Superhero Festival! This fun filled event is for the whole family to dress up as your favorite magical creature or superhero and join in on the fun being put on by A Carousel For Missoula.

It's taking place on Saturday, July 28th from 10 a.m. to Noon. It will take place just west of Dragon Hollow downtown Missoula and there will be tons of games and goodies thanks to the help of many Missoula businesses. The best part of this event is that is it completely free of charge to attend.

If nothing else this is a great reason to dress up and make some memories as a family. Obviously, costumes are optional but always make the event more fun. Hope to see you on Saturday, July 28th to join in on the fun of the Fairy Tale and Superhero Festival in Missoula!

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