The Brawl of the Wild is always a highly anticipated event between the Montana and Montana State football teams every year. But the storylines are REALLY starting to build for the game that'll take place in a matter of weeks!

Why is the Brawl of the Wild shaping up to be a HUGE game this year?

There are a few reasons why we're starting to feel a buzz surrounding this year's matchup. Of course, you have the added importance of the game when you consider the rivalry and the bragging rights that come with a win, but here are a few other reasons:

  • The game is two years in the making since COVID wiped out the football season last fall.
  • This will be the 120th contest in the rivalry. That number just feels important. Don't get me wrong, they're all important, but the 120th just looks better when you see it on paper compared to something like the 112th.
  • Montana State has won four in a row and would love to make it a handful with a win in enemy territory.
  • Both teams could be ranked inside the top 10 when the game is played on November 20.

One more reason this game could end up being HUGE!

When it comes to college football you want to be the game chosen by ESPN College Gameday as their site of the week. It means you have one of the most anticipated games of the weekend and they do the show live on location. And if you're familiar with the show you know Lee Corso always makes his pick by putting on an oversized piece of headgear for the team he chooses as the winner. The news over the last couple of days is that Gameday is considering Missoula as a possible destination for the show during the Brawl of the Wild!

How awesome would it be to see Lee Corso choose the Griz?

It sounds like ESPN is open to the idea and a MONTANA RIGHT NOW story says Griz fans need to play a part in making the idea become reality.

ESPN wants to see fans interact using #GrizOnGameday, tagging College GameDay on social media and creating videos, signs, and photos explaining why Missoula would be a perfect location for Brawl of the Wild and College GameDay. - MONTANA RIGHT NOW

This would be HUGE exposure for both schools as well as the Big Sky Conference

Alright, we all have our marching orders! Let's get posting and tagging to make some noise and bring ESPN College Gameday to Missoula!

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