It's almost time for the game that's been two years in the making. The Brawl of the Wild returns after being scrapped with the rest of last fall's Big Sky Conference football schedule. We're ready to rock as Montanans will gather at the game, at bars, at friends' houses, and at home, to watch the Griz and Bobcats battle to see who will hold bragging rights until November of next year.

The BIGGEST game of the year!

There's a lot of storylines built into this year's game. The Cats have won the last four matchups, both teams are ranked in the top 10, the game will have a say in playoff scenarios, and this group of Griz seniors has never hoisted the trophy after a win over MSU. It all has the makings of a can't-miss game. The only thing we are actually missing is ESPN's College Gameday broadcasting live from campus in Missoula. But sometimes people (and networks) make questionable decisions in life and we'll have fun with or without a national pre-game show on-site for the 120th Brawl of the Wild.

Should we change one tiny little thing?

The only teeny-tiny question I do have is about the start time of the game. Why aren't we playing this game under the lights? Wouldn't it add another element of excitement? Think of the fun we could have as we stretch the tailgating out an extra five or six hours! Sure, it might be a little chillier with an evening game this time of year but it's would only add another layer of Montana-ness to the biggest game of the year. Plus, high school football championship games are being played around the state at the same time as the Brawl of the Wild. High school players would love to be able to watch the Griz and Cats play especially when some of those very same players will be moving on to actually play in the Brawl of the Wild the following year.

Are you in?

If you ask me, the Super Bowl does it right by letting us have our day to do as we please before kicking off with a later start time. And since UM vs MSU carries just as much weight, if not more than the Super Bowl around here, maybe we should look into pushing the game to a nice 6:30 PM or 7 PM start every year.

What do you think? Do you like the earlier start time or would you like to see the Brawl of the Wild be scheduled as a night game?

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