After the second weekend of Montana's big game rifle season, harvest numbers remain rather low. But don't try to convince Avery Logan of that.

Avery, a Montana high school senior and avid hunter, spent some quality time with her dad, John Logan, and as you can see, it was a pretty successful trip. We're guessing they were in the No Tell Em Valley, near the town of No Need To Know in None Of Your Bees Wax County, but we didn't want to pry. You know how hunters are.

Actually, we at least know it was a central Montana area. In any case, what a thrill for Avery, who has shot a couple of nice mule deer bucks and some cow elk, but this is her very first bull.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reports that overall hunting and harvest numbers remained low through the first full week and first two weekends of the general rifle season. For example, in the Augusta area, which is the location of the only biological check station in FWP Region 4, workers at the check station yesterday (Sunday, October 31) reported one of the slowest days in recent memory with respect to hunter numbers.

The low harvest is largely influenced by the warm and dry conditions making hunting more difficult thus far this season.  Relatively small weather systems that moved through Montana over the weekend provided cooler temps, but generally little moisture.

FWP Game Wardens have reported contacting an average number of hunters so far during the season. The two most common complaints they have responded to are hunting without landowner permission and shooting from a roadway. They remind hunters to be aware of their location at all times, and to secure landowner permission in advance of hunting.

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