Details are almost as elusive as the creature itself right now, but with a few months to prepare, we know you'll be ready for the hunt of a lifetime!

The small town of Marysville, Montana, northwest of Helena, is planning their Bigfoot Hunt on Saturday, May 5. This of course is for the refined, sophisticated hunter who just doesn't want to bother with spring turkey or black bear. We're talking REAL TROPHIES here!

Okay, so obviously you have to have a good cause - and sense of humor - to put on a Sasquatch hunt. The hunt is a fundraiser for the Marysville Rural Fire Department, located next to the historic Marysville House. You can contact them or the Lawdog Saloon for more information at 406-492-8596.

To our knowledge, no special tags or expensive new weapons are required. Just have your favorite taxidermist ready and waiting for you!




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