The Missoula County Public Works Department started inviting Missoula citizens to take part in a dust abatement program.

County Engineer Erick Dickson said even if you're not on the budget, you can still apply.

"When the residents, if they're on a road that we're not able to treat within our budget, as long as its a county maintained road, if they can call or if they come in and see us and get an application that says 'Yes, we want to participate,' we use their estimate for the material that they'll use," Dickson said. "We will then include that with our program. This year we're spending only about $145,000."

Dickson said that people have to apply fast, as there is a limited time frame to begin the abasement.

"So by the time we were comfortable with the budget that we would have and we ran through the program internally and with the commissioners, that puts us on the schedule a couple weeks behind normal," Dickson said. "It's usually about this time of year that we're advertising that program so we can get our bids by mid-March and be ready to start the application then in June."

The deadline to submit commitment letters is March 25.

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