Spring snowstorms have been messing up travel plans throughout Montana as the lingering winter weather pattern continues to blast almost all portions of the U.S. Lost Trail Pass and Lolo Pass on the Montana-Idaho border were no exceptions to fresh snow.

Away from the main roads, valley travel conditions are being affected by frozen ground and melting snow. Though the Bitterroot River is still well below flood stage, smaller streams are bankful in places and the spring snow melt is moving over frozen ground to cause small areas of flooding. A rockslide on the West Fork Road near Boulder Creek Tuesday, April 9, caused blockage of the road and a power outage south of Boulder Creek (restored Tuesday night by Ravalli Electric Co-op.) That southern Bitterroot valley road was reopened, too. The Bitterroot National Forest is reporting soft and muddy forest roads, along with those roads still blocked by snow. Going to the backcountry is not advised.

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