Drivers are not surprised any more to see fog hampering their vision as they drive on Bitterroot Valley and Missoula roads. For the past few weeks conditions have been right for fog on several mornings and late nights with the low clouds obscuring the view. A reminder from law enforcement to use your headlights when fog is in the area. Sometimes, the "automatic" setting on the newer cars won't turn the headlights on when encountering a fog bank during the daylight hours. That fog could be hiding a deer or elk or some other danger to your driving. Be careful with the changing wintery conditions here in Montana.

The freezing fog also lays down a thin layer of frost, which can help create dangerous icy conditions. The frost also can collect on animals, if they are stationary for a long period of time, like the bald eagle pictured below. You can easily see frost on the front of the bird.

frosty eagle

A line of frost on this eagle. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)[/caption]

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