Missoula Police arrested a Helena resident on Monday. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says officers approached the woman and discovered that she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

“Officers made contact with 42-year-old Randi Taylor, an adult female, yesterday morning at about 11:00am in the 700 block of East Broadway,” Welsh said. “The officers learned that she had an outstanding warrant from the Montana Highway Patrol and she was placed under arrest.”

According to Welsh, officers charged Taylor with another offense after she was searched at the Missoula jail.

“During a search done by jail personnel, she was found to be in possession of a substance that was later determined to be methamphetamine,” Welsh said. “Along with her warrant, she is currently being held for a count of possession of dangerous drugs, which is a felony.”

According to the report, the drugs were found in Taylor’s clothing.

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