I have seen more drones flying around Missoula lately, and why not, the footage they catch look fantastic. But do you feel like they are invading your privacy? It's an odd question because often times you have no idea that you are even being filmed.

As just a random question, would you like to be filmed? Most people are going to respond by saying no. Although we really have no idea how many camera are on us or satellites tracking us through all of our electronic devices on a daily basis. Let me say, I am not one of those conspiracy theorist that thinks the government is tracking our every move and keeps constant surveillance. I am too boring to keep track of on a daily basis!

Now back to my original question, do you have a problem with drones flying around Missoula? Do you think that they are a distraction from the natural beauty of Montana or do you see them as a tool to capture how beautiful Montana really is?


    Beautiful Waterworks Hill!

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