You may have seen the hashtag #StopHateForProfit trending online over the past few days. If you're not familiar, it's a campaign to get companies to pull their advertising off of Facebook for at least the month of July. The reason being that Facebook has been accused of inciting violence during the Black Lives Matter protests, spreading misinformation, and giving a platform to hateful organizations. All the info is here on the Stop Hate For Profit website.

Facebook is an essential part of life for many people and for most businesses, but it lives or dies by its advertising, and so some businesses have joined the cause and plan to speak with their wallets by pausing their Facebook advertising for July, starting today. A long list of national and smaller businesses that are participating can be found on the site, including Adidas, Verizon, Patreon, Levi's, Ford, Honda, and much more.

And you can add a local business to that list - Draught Works Brewery made the announcement on their Facebook and Instagram pages that they would also be participating in #StopHateForProfit, saying they should "stand up for what we believe in and find new ways to reach our customers where they are without compromising our values."

Most of the comments show support for Draught Works' decision, and it's likely that some other businesses in Missoula will follow suit.

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