If you've been in downtown Missoula since yesterday, you may have noticed that the entire area is now COVERED in flowers.

Ok, not like on the streets or the sidewalks or anything, but there's definitely flowers now where there were no flowers before. In keeping with the tradition that's been going on forty years now, about 110 flower baskets have been hung up all along downtown Missoula.

And there's a lot more work that goes into that then you might think - the flowers are a collaboration between Pink Grizzly and the Missoula Downtown Association, and it's a daily task keeping those flowers alive. Workers and volunteers water each flower basket every morning and often at night, and they also fertilize the flowers throughout the summer.

It's pretty cool that they're so committed to keeping this tradition going, and to give Missoula something nice on the streets during the summer months. The plan right now is to keep the flowers up through the University of Montana's Homecoming weekend, depending on the weather.

Of course, now we need to ask ourselves, what else should we be hanging downtown during the off-months? We've got flowers in the summer and holiday lights in the winter... we need something for spring and fall. Maybe we can tie into the local sports for those seasons - Griz memorabilia in the fall and Paddleheads posters in the spring. Just throwing the idea out there.

Are you excited to see the annual flower baskets return to Missoula for the season?

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