Christmas is coming up quick, and I am almost done with shopping, although I haven't gotten a gift for my dogs yet. Savannah and I don't have any kids, so our two dogs Koda and Gypsy are like our kids. When they are sick we take them to the veterinarian, so I feel like getting them presents for Christmas is not even a question. And I am glad to know that a new survey reveals I am not alone, actually 62% of pets will receive gifts this season according to Waitrose.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

Other findings:

- 75% of pet owners gift wrap their pet's present

- 15% of pets will receive a Christmas sweater.

- 25% of pets will eat with the rest of the family at the holiday dinner table

I cannot and will not ever let our dogs eat at the dinner table with us, but I love watching my dogs get excited over presents. I think a nice dog bone and a toy will be just perfect for Koda & Gypsy!

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