Craig Morgan is a jack of all trades in the entertainment world. He's a country singer with a new album, he's been on TV, and now, he's set to star in a new psychic thriller movie.

The flick was written and is being directed by Morgan's good friend, actress Angie Harmon, and they got to know each other when Morgan guest-starred on her TV show, 'Rizzoli and Isles.' He enjoyed it so much that he jumped on the opportunity to work with her again.

The 'Wake Up Lovin' You' singer won't be playing a singer in the film. Instead, he'll be sporting a cop uniform. He explains to the Country Vibe that it's "a psychic thriller, a law enforcement kind of thing,” adding that while he's playing a cop, he'll also be showing off his beard. The reason? Angie likes it. "I’m a cop with a beard. I’m a man, I’ve got a beard.  The beard is in the movie," Morgan says with a laugh.

While he's acting, Morgan is also able to really escape into a new character -- something he doesn't experience while on stage. "I’ve heard people talk about music, when they get on stage they become this different person and they take on this new persona and what have you. That’s not me," he explains.

"I’m the same guy all the time except the acting, and I think that’s why I enjoy it because I do get in there and you get to pretend to be somebody else and it’s a lot of fun," he adds.

Country music fans will have fun seeing Morgan as another character, and it sounds like he'll have a blast living life as a copy -- on set.