Things have come full circle for Craig Morgan. There are a lot of similarities between where he was with his song 'That's What I Love About Sunday' and where he is now with his new song 'Wake Up Lovin' You.'

Morgan released 'That's What I Love About Sunday' in 2004 on Broken Bow Records. The single ended up climbing the charts and proved to be uber successful for not only him but also his record label. It jumpstarted the indie record label and was their very first No. 1 for an artist. It was also Morgan's first No. 1 and spent four weeks at the top of the charts.

Fast forward to 2013 when the Tennessee native released his newest song, 'Wake Up Lovin' You.' He's signed to another indie label now, Black River Entertainment, and he's helping to kickstart their success in much the same way. The similarities haven't slipped past the singer who realizes things are happening in kind of the same way.

"There’s a lot of similarities," he tells Taste of Country. "You know I’m in a wonderful point in my career. I’m just writing and singing and fortunate enough that radio still plays my music and fans still want to come see us ... where I’m at label wise I don’t think is as important as personally.”

Even though things are happening in the same type of way, he says he's having a lot more fun this second time around. “It’s a lot more fun now than it used to be," he explains. “With success comes a little bit of confidence and so the ride’s a little smoother. We work just as hard but for some reason we’re not working as hard at it. We’re just working hard.”

Look for Morgan at the 2014 Taste of Country Music Festival, June 13-15 in Hunter, N.Y.

Watch Craig Morgan Perform 'Wake Up Lovin' You'