We all have worked jobs that were not our favorite. I knew after just a few months working at a restaurant that kind of work was not for me. I had fun working at a movie theatre for quite a few years but in the end I was done with the smell of popcorn for a while.

Country musicians are the same way, some of them have worked some not so fun jobs.

Billy Currington, used to do landscaping then moved on to roofing before he got a record deal.

Canaan Smith, was a janitor for a while, also picked up dog poop, worked at a chocolate shop, mowed lawns, and even cleaned golf clubs for extra cash.

Darius Rucker, was fifteen years old when he started making pizzas before making music.

David Nail, used to make ice cream concoctions working at Dairy Queen.

Eric Church, used to be in the business of selling knives before becoming one of the biggest country stars.

Eric Paslay, used to print logos on to Fanny Packs. Seriously!

Jon Pardi, was bagging groceries before he was making country hits.

Kip Moore, used to do landscaping just like Billy Currington.

Luke Bryan, used to work at a grocery store in the produce section then worked at K-Mart for a while.

What was the most fun job you have ever had?


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