It is turning into a summer of ‘funny money’ in Missoula. Missoula Police made two arrests earlier this summer in relation to counterfeit money, but they are continuing to see false currency surface around the County. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“One was a $100 bill and one was a $50 bill,” said Welsh. “In the past we have also had reports of counterfeit $20 bills. We would just like the Missoula community to know that is still out there and whatever methods they use to detect counterfeit currency; they should put those in full force to make sure they are not continuing to circulate this illegitimate currency.”

According to Welsh, the counterfeit money that is circling could be from their previous investigation or an entirely different operation.

“It is conceivable that there might still be some in circulation,” Welsh said. “It is also conceivable that what we are seeing now might be coming from a different source. I do have a name and a number for people to call if they do in fact have information. The contact we have here is Detective Sean Manraksa and it is 552-6288.”

Police arrested 27-year-old Erika Jarvis and 26-year-old Chris Heaton back in August when they appeared to be in the process of forging U.S. currency.

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