I know, I know......this is Griz country.....but we need to talk about an MSU football story. Just uttering the words Montana State or Bobcats is enough to get some unapproving glances shot your way from the majority of Missoulians. And the resentment of MSU is even more amplified lately with the results of the last four Brawl of the Wild games. But hey, at lest we reclaimed some bragging rights this winter with an awesome showing as we CANNED THE CATS!  And yes, the ultimate winner in that competition is the different food banks it supports........but the lack of a UM/MSU game has left us using the food drive as the measuring stick of dominance.......and we'll take it!

If you're a Griz fan you have to like the bit of turmoil that the MSU football program finds itself in at the moment. In early January there was speculation that Bobcats head coach Jeff Choate might become the new man in charge at Boise State. That didn't end up happening and all was well in Bozeman - for a bit. Then came the news that Choate would indeed be leaving to take a defensive coaching job with Texas, an NCAA powerhouse. And now the search is on for who is going to replace him as the head coach for Montana State.

It looks like the Bobcats are looking to make a splash with their new hire. They were doing a bit of a dance with Nebraska's offensive coordinator until he pulled himself out of consideration for the job. That would have been a newsy hire - as Nebraska is also one of the biggest names in college football. But could there be an even bigger fish on the line as the next head coach for Montana State? Former NFL coach Jeff Fisher's name has made news as one of the finalists for the position.

Over the weekend Fisher posted this picture to social media - as he was reportedly flying to Bozeman:

Jeff Fisher has been out of coaching since parting ways with the L.A. Rams after the 2016 season. He's never coached at the college level but he spent 19 years as a head coach in the NFL, including a Super Bowl appearance with the Tennessee Titans. As an added twist - Fisher would be the opposing coach at Washigton-Grizzly Stadium if he were to get the job. He would be coaching in the same stadium where his son Brandon Fisher played linebacker for the Griz.

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