Most of the things that come to mind when you think about the coronavirus pandemic are pretty negative. There are so many things on that list - those that have lost their lives, the impact on the economy, lost jobs, decreased tourism, canceled and postponed events, altered school years, etc. The list of positives is much smaller, but I would say that one example is people have been forced to find new ways to entertain themselves and that has included a lot of outdoor activities. You may have noticed, with new and existing riders, it's been tough to find bikes in stock at many places around town.

If you're looking for a bike riding idea, this seems like a pretty cool way to entertain yourself or the entire family. "Bike to Barns" will take you on a self-guided tour through the Orchard Homes and Target Range neighborhoods. Over the 15-mile run you'll visit local farm stands. Maybe you'll explore a new place along the ride and visit a farm stand you didn't even know existed.

The Missoula Community Food and Agriculture Coalition is organizing the activity. So sign up, get your bike route map, see where local farm stands are, get special offers and vouchers, and get a little exercise! You can even win prizes as you ride.

There has been craziness and uncertainty for all - but the year has definitely brought challenges to farmers. This looks like a great way to inform people about local farm stands and help farmers through a difficult time.

Hurry, "Bike to Barns" only runs through the end of September. Packages start at $35. Get more info by checking the event page on Facebook.

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