We think we are seeing a pattern here, a testament to how much busier Montana parks are becoming.

Yesterday we told you about expanded campground reservation opportunities coming to Yellowstone National Park. Now comes word that a state park closer to us here in western Montana is going to start accepting some reservations.

For those who might not know,  Painted Rocks State Park is located at the southern end of Painted Rocks Reservoir, about 25 miles south of Darby. While certainly not remote, it is a spectacular, so near and yet so far kind of setting. And yes, it does get its share of use.

With that in mind, beginning April 1, Painted Rocks will open six of its campsites to advanced reservations.

The state park’s 23 campsites have traditionally all operated on a first-come, first-served basis, but after an increase in visitation and public interest in reservation options, park managers decided to move six sites to the reservation system for this season. This means visitors can reserve one of the six sites for stays from Thursday, May 27, through Sunday, August 15. The sites are open for reservations on Thursday through Sunday nights only and remain available to walk-in campers the other nights of the week. All of the six campsites can accommodate tents. Three of the campsites can fit RVs up to 25 feet, and three campsites have room for RVs up to 30 feet.

You can start making your reservations April 1. To reserve a site, you can go to the Montana State Parks Reserve America site,  or call Reserve America at 1-855-922-6768. And if you have questions regarding Painted Rocks, you can call Painted Rocks State Parks Manager Maci MacPherson, 406-273-4253.


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