Are you the type of person that has to open your birthday gifts when you see them or can you wait until your birthday? Also are you the type that wants to give a gift as soon as you buy it for someone? That is the dilemma at my house right now. My wonderful Wife has already bought birthday gifts for me, I just feel like I should wait to open them. My birthday is still more than a full month away (May 26th). But, it is difficult to walk past gifts everyday that you know are just waiting for you to open.

After talking to co-workers, it seems like to me this is a difference between men and women. Most women want to give a gift just as soon as they buy it, and they don't want to wait to see it opened. And more guys are willing to wait until their actual birthday to open the gifts. Obviously there is no scientific research to back this up, so my question to you is, can you wait to open gifts or do you open them as soon as they are gifted to you?

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