Buzzfeed put together a list this week trying to figure out the most popular snack in every state in the US. Naturally, I had to know if my favorite and undisputed Greatest Snack Of All Time, Cheez-its, were represented by my former home state of New York or my current home state of Montana. Neither one was Cheez-its and I'm mad about it!

So what WAS Montana's favorite snack, then? It's actually a pretty obvious pick in retrospect - huckleberries! I'll be honest, being from New York, huckleberries weren't really as much of a thing there, so I've never actually had them. At some point, I'll have to take advantage of the ten thousand huckleberry stands in Montana and try them out.

It's definitely a better pick than New York's favorite snack, which was yogurt. Unless it's Cheez-it flavored yogurt, pass. Actually, that sounds kinda gross, I'll pass on that, too.

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