Spring has sprung. The sun is out. The birds are chirping. And were seeing places around Missoula get back in the business of being in business! It really is starting to feel like we're on the verge of making it through to the other side of this pandemic that's held us all down over the last year.

There were a handful of businesses around Missoula that made the difficult decision to close through the winter. But things are starting to get back to normal as the Staggering Ox reopened this week and Imagine Nation Brewing will be opening their patio very soon. After closing in November, another announcement happened earlier this week as Caffe Dolce shared news of their plans to reopen in May.

And reopening wasn't the only big news that came from the announcement. The Facebook post included news of a new addition to Caffe Dolce:

"I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve used this winter to ADD A BAKERY to our facility, so that we can serve you fresh baked pastries and bread. Chef Daniel Russell is making pastries on par with baked goods I’ve tasted from the streets of Paris that have put me into food bewilderment and awe. I can’t tell you how excited I am about what is coming out of our ovens."

That's quite a rave review of the goodies that will be available when Caffe Dolce reopens! I've never been to Paris despite my wife mentioning a time or two (or more) that she would love to go. What are the odds she'll be content with me offering up a trip to Caffe Dolce to check out some of those fresh baked goodies?

Caffe Dolce will only be open DAYS when the reopen in May. They won't be open for evening service yet. But as they get ready to open again, they're looking for help and hiring for front of house, kitchen, bakery, and management positions. You can find out more and apply HERE.

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