I don't know about you, but it sure seems like things are finally starting to head in the right direction. In just the last few weeks we've seen news of rescheduled concert dates, had the new Missoula Library announce an opening date for the public, saw plans for Fort Missoula Historical Museum to reopen, learned that fans will be allowed at the upcoming Griz games, and actually had a social event held at Caras Park with Brews n' Bonfires over the weekend. Yep, we're slowly getting back to being able to have some entertainment - in small doses while observing safety measures, of course.

There were a few places around Missoula that closed voluntarily during the winter with plans to reopen when it made more sense. Fans of the Staggering Ox were bummed to see their favorite sandwich shop was one of those businesses that hit pause in their operations with a statement that read in part: "In order to protect our workers, customers, health care providers, first responders and our most vulnerable in our beloved community, we have decide to close our door until further notice."

Well, here's a bit more good news - and it better not be an April Fools' Day joke! I heard a radio commercial say the Staggering Ox will be back in action beginning April 1st. I kind of heard it in passing so I headed straight to their social media page to see if what I thought I heard was correct. It turns out that I'm a bit behind in actually hearing the news since they posted the details almost two weeks ago. But it's true - Staggering Ox is ready to reopen!

If you've had a craving for a meal from the Staggering Ox - get ready to scratch your itch when they reopen on Thursday!

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