There are a ton of great singers in country music now. Some of my favorites are Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church and Toby Keith. All of these singers have something that sets them apart from the others. There is one country singer though who I think may be over using his talents.

  • There is no doubt that Brad Paisley is a gifted guitar player. I’m pretty sure he plays lead guitar in all of his songs. How do you know this, you might ask? Well it seems that there is a guitar solo in practically every single one of his songs.

  • It doesn’t seem to matter whether the song is a slow, sad, fast, romantic or funny song. There seems to be no set of qualifications for a guitar solo in one of his songs, other than, it’s one of his songs. Don’t believe me? Listen to the slower romantic song “Remind Me” it has a guitar solo, the faster song “Old Alabama” or the funny song “Online” and you will hear what I’m talking about.

  • I guess everybody has to have a thing that makes them who they are, and guitar solos are definitely Brad Paisley’s thing. I just wish he would consider not having a guitar solo in every song.

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