Melissa Forrette in my eyes is one of the most talented musicians from Montana, the way she sings and plays her guitar is simply amazing. Unfortunately, we all have tragic events in our lives often times they are completely unexpected and that is exactly what happened to Melissa just yesterday.

Melissa is traveling often going from show to show while trying to create new music at the same time, she isn't at home enjoying free time very often. Yesterday afternoon, Melissa found her next door neighbor deceased and after helping Police finish their investigation it seems to have been caused by addiction.

No one can ever prepare for a tragic event like this, but she turned to what she does best and wrote a song about it. After speaking with Melissa she said, "If it can touch, or change, one persona life for the better then I've feel I've done my job." If you know anyone struggling with addiction please try to help, before it's too late. The addiction helpline available 24 hours a day 7 days a week is 800-662-HELP (4357).

If you want to see Melissa perform she will be in Missoula for some shows soon. May 2nd at the VFW downtown Missoula, May 4th at the E3 Convergence Art Gallery, and May 6th at Draught Works Brewery.

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