The concert scene in Missoula has grown a lot over the last few years (well, except for 2020, for understandable reasons). Since concerts came back to Missoula this summer, we've had major artists come through town like Modest Mouse, ZZ Top, Wilco and Sleater-Kinney, Guns N' Roses, Fitz and the Tantrums... and there's still a huge lineup of shows that are coming this year like Death Cab For Cutie, Steve Miller Band, and Lindsey Sterling.

The point is, it's great that those shows come through town and that Missoulians are increasingly getting more opportunities to see their favorite artists. But it also means that the spotlight has shifted away from local musicians, who are really the lifeblood of the music scene in Missoula.

That's why Callie Morris and Matt Olson decided to create a new podcast that highlighted great local artists, and they've come up with the most perfect name imaginable for this project: it's called A Rhythm Runs Through it.

Each episode consists of Morris and Olson interviewing a different local musician about their craft and takes a deep dive into their music. The podcast is sponsored by Arts Missoula.

Episodes are released somewhat sporadically - they released a few back in April, and then another in July, and another in August. Hopefully, they're able to figure out a consistent schedule - a weekly show dedicated to exploring local music and maybe bringing these artists a new audience sounds like it could be a great thing.

Will you be checking out A Rhythm Runs Through It?

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