The birds are hatching all around us in the Bitterroot Valley and Bob Danley grabbed a nice photo a young Magpie on a fence (see photo above) for the Bitterroot Outdoor Journal. Bob reminds folks that they'll see little birds - all alone - on the ground. The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology says that most of the fledglings are perfectly healthy and the mom and dad birds are nearby and watching out for them. So, leave them alone and keep your pets away.

Bob saw three new species of butterflies this week and is noticing more and more dragonflies, including the Taiga Bluet (see photo below). The wildflowers are - well - Wild! Over 80 species are now flowering, including Foamflower, Western Jacob's Ladder, Jeffrey's Shootingstar and Mountain Lady's Slipper (see photo below).

taiga bluet damselfly
The familiar Taiga Bluet damselfly. (Bob Danley Photo)
mountain ladys slipper
Mountain Lady's Slipper. (detail from a Bob Danley photo)

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