You ever hear the saying, "Stop and smell the roses?"

The idea is to encourage people to pause for a moment once in a while and really appreciate the small things that life has to offer. But, I think in Montana, they may want to change the saying to "Stop and smell the wildflowers."

Thrillist recently published an article highlighting the most spectacular wildflowers across the US. The list takes them to a bunch of locations around the country, including several in California, but one spot from Montana also made the cut: Glacier National Park!

Did you know that Glacier National Park contains over one thousand species of wildflowers? They say the best time to visit to see them is around early-to-mid summer, sometime in late June or early July. They say that's when "the park bursts with purple asters, spiky lupines, short-lived blanket flowers, and showy Lewis Monkeyflowers against red rock outcroppings"

Glacier National Park is, of course, a huge place, so you may have to do some searching, but you should be able to find the wildflowers. I just went there for the first time last summer, but it was a few weeks after they say is the perfect time to go, so I guess I missed out on that one.

Good news is, there's another summer coming up, and Glacier will finally be fully open after having to close some of its entrances because of the pandemic. Have you ever been taken aback by the beauty of the wildflowers in Glacier National Park?

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