This homemade sauce makes an amazing addition to any stir fry. 

Pretty inexpensive meal

You will need soy sauce, coconut oil ( or cooking oil), ginger, garlic, sugar, 1 lb of chicken ( or beef), broccoli, mushrooms (whole or cut in half) and red peppers ( any vegetables you like in stir fry)

To make stir fry sauce/marinade :

Put equal parts sugar with soy sauce, two cloves of crushed garlic ( use fork) and a few chopped up bits of ginger into a jar.

Leave for a few hours or days if you can.


Pour half of the sauce into a bowl and let chicken marinade for desired time.

When ready add coconut oil, let melt then ad chicken.

Cook till almost done and add your vegetables! ( toss and stir to ensure no burning)

About 5 minutes later voila done!



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