My husband, like many other Missoulians, is an avid hunter. I have to admit, he is pretty good at it. Our freezer always seems to be full at the end of every November. The worst part of hunting season is how long my husband is gone. Most of his vacation each year is spent chasing deer and elk around in the mountains in three feet of snow and freezing temperatures. The best part of hunting is the delicious elk meat we get to eat the rest of the year. I’ve learned a few tips for cooking elk over that past few years.

If your elk meat tastes a little gamey, just let it soak in milk for at least an hour before cooking it. You could always leave it sitting overnight if you are one of those people who thinks ahead. The milk not only gets rid of the game taste, but also makes the meat more tender.

Alpine Touch seasoning is an amazing blend of spices that is great for elk meat. We always get ours at Diamond Bar Meats, as it is not found in most grocery stores. This is also great on other game meat as well. Just a warning, it does contain MSG.

When grilling your elk, whether it be steak, burgers or kabobs, it is important to not over-cook it. The longer you cook the elk, the more likely it is to get dry.

When grilling elk steak, you want it to be rare or medium rare. You also want to let the elk steak sit covered for 10 to 15 minutes before you eat it so the meat has time to rest in the juices. This will help keep the steak extra tender.

I hope these few simple tips will help you have an even tastier bite of elk.


Joy Larson is a mother of four, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.