Terrance Roberts, the man who several weeks ago allegedly attempted to kidnap a Missoula teenager from Caras Park, appeared in Missoula District Court on Wednesday before Judge Leslie Halligan for a bail reduction hearing.

Roberts, who originally provided a false identity when he was arrested, has a criminal history over 30 pages long that stretches back to the 1990’s.

The public defender asked Judge Halligan to release Roberts on his own recognizance, however, Deputy Missoula County Attorney James McCubbin strongly advised against the motion.

“Just trying to think of where to begin on this one,” said McCubbin. “The state certainly opposes release or any kind of bail reductions. Mr. Mandelko noted that the defendant had recently been unavailable for court. Well, the reason for that was that he was being too violent as a jail unsafe to bring him onto the video.”

McCubbin continued to address Judge Halligan via ZOOM live video.

“I believe the court has already heard from the victim's father,” he said. “They're adamantly opposed to his release that would definitely pose a risk to the community, potentially to the victim as well, and certainly cause further stress and mental health issues with the victim.”

Judge Halligan put the matter to rest with this statement.

“Mr. Roberts, I at this time am going to deny your request to be released on your own recognizance,” said Judge Halligan. “I am going to keep bail set at $100,000. If you wish I can ask pretrial supervision to do an assessment to see if release conditions can be established that would ensure the safety of the community.”

Roberts was returned to the Missoula County Jail with his bond set at $100,000.

His next court appearance was set for September.

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