It seems coronavirus testing is just the topic of the day today. An earlier story had details about rapid COVID-19 tests becoming available in Missoula. This news will even top that when it comes to convenience. No appointments. No nasal swabs. It sounds like a simple way to take a COVID-19 test is coming our way. And it appears you'll be able to pick up an at-home test while you're grabbing your milk, eggs, and fabric softener.

Albertsons locations are going to make at-home tests available in their pharmacies with an expected start date in October. The saliva tests will return results to patients in 72 hours or less. Test programs have been happening in Albertsons locations in Houston, Austin, and Boise - and they're ready to expand across the country. The video below is a news story out of Boise from about a month ago as a television station did a story on the pilot program.


Patients will have to pay out of pocket for the test and then submit a receipt to their insurance company to be reimbursed. The easy access will definitely be a positive for many. But based on the video above there's different views on the accuracy level of the saliva tests. Experts say that not having a health official administer the test, and having to send the sample in the mail, are just a couple of factors that could affect the results and possibly lead to a false negative.

Grocery Dive has a pretty good article about the tests that include the following thoughts:

At-home testing kits provide several advantages over drive-through tests: greater access for people with disabilities, people with risk factors for COVID-19 and those without a means of transportation to a testing center. The at-home kits would also mean that fewer nurses would be required to conduct in-person coronavirus tests at the homes of high-risk and elderly people, saving resources and personal protective equipment. The Albertsons test kit will be available for collection via pickup or delivery after patients have completed an online questionnaire.

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