We took in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" last night. And I'd say the small crowd that was there was very respectful.

Actually, I've found that to be the case at most of the movies I've seen recently. Maybe you've had a different experience? I do know that I left the theater pretty sure that no guy was going to sue his date for...texting!

Yeah, no kidding....AP tells us that guy in Round Rock, Texas, is suing his date for the price of the movie ticket he bought her, because she was texting the whole time and left him at the theater. The $17.31 claim has been filed. The couple met online and the guy says she refused to stop texting during the aforementioned "Guardians of the Galaxy 2." When he suggested his date step outside if she insisted on texting, she left the theater without him.

The  guy did contact her and asked for the $17.31 back, but she refused, because he invited her on a date. So, believe it or not...they may be headed to court.

Something tells me they won't be going to the next "50 Shades" sequel together.


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