This little girl is so cute! That face though... and come on she looks a little like grumpy cat.  Humane Society of Western Montana brings in a pet every month and our April Pet of the Month is adorable.

Look at that squishy little face? This is Furby, the British Short-hair.

This is what the Humane Society said about her:

If you haven't fallen in love already with Furby just from her picture, we know you will as soon as you meet this fabulous feline! Furby is a British Short Hair cat, quite a unique and hilarious breed!

Furby has lived with other cats and, as an older lady she is a member of our Senior for Senior program so her adoption fee is reduced to help her find a forever home!

Furby's adorably smooshy face is hard to resist; you know you want to stop by just to see her in 'person'! We're open Wednesday-Friday from 1pm-6pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 12pm-5pm!

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