For those who like to keep track of such things, like the nerd writing this, summer 2020 officially arrives Saturday, June 20, 3:44 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

It is also Father's Day on June 21. Our friends at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wanted us to remind you about a wonderful way to enjoy quality time with dad in the great Montana outdoors: a family fishing outing at no charge.

Whether it's from the shore or from the boat, during Father’s Day weekend, everyone in Montana can fish for free. While this family-oriented opportunity allows anyone to fish without a license on June 20-21, all other fishing rules and regulations are in effect and must be followed.

Montana FWP encourages all would-be anglers to be aware of boating and water safety on Montana’s rivers and streams, particularly this year as many rivers across the state are still experiencing spring runoff and flood conditions. If you choose to fish from the bank of a river, please make sure the kiddos are being watched carefully.

Additionally, FWP reminds those with watercraft of any kind about the mandatory requirement to stop at all Aquatic Invasive Species inspection stations. From boats to float tubes to kayaks to canoes to stand-up paddleboards, everyone wanting to be on the water needs to take a few minutes for an inspection. In my personal experiences, I have found the inspectors to be very fast, efficient and friendly.

Enjoy and here's to good fishing for all.


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