Maybe you've given blood before and you know important your donation is. It makes you feel like a better person when you give so unselfishly and you know your blood donation could help save a stranger's life. Or, it could be you just need an excuse to visit Southgate Mall so you can visit the new Cinnabon store. Either way, the American Red Cross will hold a blood drive in the courtyard next to Morgan Jewelers today (June 26) from 11 AM to 4 PM.

The thought might not have crossed your mind but because of COVID-19 the Red Cross continues to face a blood shortage. They're looking for healthy donors in order to keep supply levels ready for those in need. You can make an appointment to donate HERE - or simply drop by the mall during the blood drive today.

If the coronavirus pandemic has you questioning the safety of giving blood, the Red Cross wants to make it known that it's a safe process and they are going above and beyond to ensure safety and sanitation.

We understand public health concerns, but want to stress that donating blood is a safe process and Red Cross blood drives have the highest safety standards. Here are just a few of our vigilant measures to protect the health of all involved in our blood drives.

Precautions being taken during the blood drive include:
- Using Sterile Collection Sets
- Spacing Beds 6 Feet Apart Where Possible
- Having Hand Sanitizer Available
- Using Aseptic Scrubs on Arms
- Donor and Staff Temperature Checks Before Entering Drives
- Wiping Down Donor-Touched Areas

If you're able to donate and help make a difference but have additional questions about the safety measures being taken during the COVID-19 outbreak, the American Red Cross will answer any questions you have on-site. And don't forget to grab that Cinnabon on your way out the door!

American Cross Blood Drive
Southgate Mall | 11 AM to 4 PM
2901 Brooks St. - Missoula


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