To say I am a "foodie" is an understatement. My favorite room in the house is the kitchen. Even if I am not cooking food, I still find myself gravitating to the kitchen. It has always been that way. The kitchen is my "happy place." I feel the reason why has something to do with my fascination with cooking and how food becomes food. Some credit for that fascination has got to go to one man. A guy who I consider the "Bill Nye the Science Guy, of Culinary Arts." A man known as Alton Brown.

Alton Brown has been a staple on the Food Network since 1999. His show "Good Eats" not only taught you how to cook certain dishes, but Alton taught you the science behind cooking, too. Not just your average show where a person adds ingredients to a pot and "voila" it is food. Alton would go as far as to break it down to a molecular level and show you how your food became food.

Alton recently took his show on the road, touring the country with a traveling show called "Alton Brown LIVE: Beyond the Eats." This show is more than just cooking in front of a live audience. Alton also brought his comical spin to the stage as well as the teacher's way of explaining the process.

Alton also partook in another popular Montana pastime of drinking whisky and buying a round for the bar.

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