Over a month ago, a man reported to Missoula Police that he got into an altercation with two other males who were accompanied by a female and a couple of children. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the incident occurred at a fast food restaurant.

“The altercation resulted after the man entered the restaurant and one of the two suspects addressed him by using some type of racial slur,” said Welsh. “The man actually got up and moved to a different part of the restaurant after that and then realized that he had forgotten something in his vehicle outside. He went to retrieve it and as he was coming back he was confronted.”

According to Welsh, the man was confronted by the two male suspects just outside the entryway of the restaurant. One of the two suspects pulled out what looked like a folding knife.

“He whipped open the blade and caused the complainant to be concerned for his welfare,” Welsh said. “He managed to side step the two males and go back inside to the restaurant where he gathered up his belongings and was prepared to leave. There was another brief altercation where the female of the group actually threw water in his face.”

Detective Mitch Lang is attempting to identify and locate the two male suspects who were involved in the altercation. Missoula Police are asking anyone who can identify either suspect in this case to please contact Detective Lang at (406) 552-6292.

Photo Courtesy of Missoula Police Department

Here is a photo of the female that accompanied the two suspects.

Photo Courtesy of Missoula Police Department