The options are endless for what you can find when Missoula's farmers markets are up and running. A trip downtown just to browse around and kill an hour or two could have you headed home with jams, baked goods, local honey, flowers, soaps, desserts, and crafts. It's easy to get carried away! Both the Missoula Farmers Market and the Clark Fork River Market are getting ready for an opening day of May 1. We learned last month that Clark Fork River Market will have a temporary location this year because of construction on the Higgins Avenue Bridge. You'll find Missoula Farmers Market in their normal spot at the XXXX's at the north end of Higgins Avenue.

Both markets had to alter their ways of operation last year because of COVID. Face masks, social distancing, capacity limits, and one-way traffic flow rules were put in place - but at least they markets were able to happen! Another big change was that hot food and prepared foods weren't allowed - but it looks like they'll be back this year as restrictions have started to loosen.

Food won't be the only welcome return - it looks like live music will have a stronger presence at both markets. The manager of Missoula Farmers Market told The Missoulian: "We'll bring musicians back. We'll still need to be social distancing and everybody will be masked and far enough apart from each other. But we will be able to have more of a traditional farmers market experience."

Despite some aspects of the markets getting back to normal, it appears that masks will still be required to enter the market area. Hopefully both markets will have a big year and venders will be able to make up for sales that were affected during the roughest part of the pandemic.

We're only two weeks away from having the markets open up in Missoula. You can find out more by visiting Missoula Farmers Market and Clark Fork River Market online.

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