Whew! It was a busy couple of days with everybody taking to social media to share their opinions on the halftime show from Sunday's Super Bowl. It seems like people either loved the Shakira/Jennifer Lopez performance or thought it was a little to risque for family viewing.

But I think we may have stumbled into something we can all agree on. If you liked the performance, or if you didn't, this would have been the ultimate music/dance combo!

Haha! It just fits perfectly. (If the video isn't working properly - click through and view it on Facebook.)

And whatever happened to Rednex? They've actually been busy all these years as their Wikipedia page shows.

Of course, I can't finish this blog without including the video that you're thinking about now and need to view before you can think about moving on with the rest of your day.

And here's the full performance of the Super Bowl Halftime Show if you want to revisit.

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