How have you been handling the stay-at-home order when it comes to food? Have you been doing delivery or pickup as a way to still get your food fix? Or, have you found it easier to just cook at home since restaurants aren't allowed to have diners?

If all of this craziness has you spending a little more time in the kitchen, we want to hear about your favorite dish or a recipe you love!

Have you tried some new things and found them to be winners? Have you pulled out the old family favorites that you know everybody will enjoy?

If you want to share your favorite dishes, or if you've burned through your recipes and you need some fresh ideas, we want to get a collection of your mouth-watering meals. Let's start a list that KYSS listeners can swap n' share!

I guess it's only fitting that I start and get the ball rolling. This is my favorite! It's my mom's manicotti recipe that I loved growing up. We would always have it for birthdays and special occasions. Now, my wife makes it whenever we have company over for dinner. It's delicious out of the oven and just as good reheated the next day.

Photo: Ryan Nelson
Photo: Ryan Nelson

Alright, what are you going to share? You can send your recipes in either typed-out or picture form to RYAN@KYSSFM.COM or send them in a text or picture message using the KYSS-FM app.

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