Montana's motto is "oro y plata" (gold and silver). And there's a whole lot of plata going on at this place that many Montanans know well!

In another of those irresistible MSN home page features that you can't avoid looking through to find your home state, Amy Daire of MSN Insider did a piece on the strangest roadside attraction in each state. Subject to debate, as always. But fun just the same.

Montana is proudly represented by Lincoln's 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar, on I-90, just 16 miles from the Idaho border in beautiful downtown Haugan. As Amy puts it, "Collecting 50,000 silver dollars and amassing one of the largest coin collections in America is quite the feat. The collection is housed in the bar, but there also a casino, a motel, load of RV parking and Montana's largest gift shop to make stopping by even more enticing."

Way to represent, Lincoln's! We hope the publicity pulls in even more tourists and maybe even more silver dollars!


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