A buddy and I took a trip down to Boise to see the Garth Brooks show on Friday night.  He was playing the football stadium at Boise State University.  We didn't know until just before the show that Granger Smith was the opener for the night.

Garth was also playing a show the following night - but the excitement level was a bit higher for our show on Friday since Blake Shelton was flying in to perform 'Dive Bar' with Garth.  They were recording it for a music video so they performed the song, then Blake did 'God's Country', then they performed 'Dive Bar' again to give them a second recording of the performance for video editing.

I was also able to attend a press conference with Garth before the show and hear his thoughts about the tour, new music, and more.  TV and radio stations were given a couple minutes with Garth and I was able to have a quick chat which you can watch in the video above - and yes, I let Garth know we have a stadium that would be perfect for a show!

It was my first time in Boise and I loved the city.  Here's a couple pictures I pulled off my phone!

Garth Brooks in Boise

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