I am still learning when it comes to fly fishing. I still get so excited I do stupid things like stick my finger in the mouth of a brown trout who has razor like little teeth.

In my defense I was only trying to get the fly out of his mouth immediately as to not cause any bleeding by having it in there and him moving and jerking around, plus the line can get messed up as well with the fish and cause more issues. What I failed to remember is Brown Trout are predators and have sharp teeth and quite a few of them. I just stuck my finer in there to pop the hook out and got a few razor bites to go along with it.

They are known for having numerous small to medium size teeth upper and lower. That is why people love to get them on streamers, they are meat lovers. This one was a dry fly muncher and he got feisty.



    Fly Fishing in April

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