Back in October we set out to unravel the mystery of what was being built in the spot that used to be the Fuddruckers on N. Reserve. After tearing down the old building and seeing it sit empty for a while - construction started on a new building. We pieced together that a Mountain America Credit Union was moving into the spot.......and at the same time we learned that a Firehouse Subs would be coming to Missoula as well.

I saw an article in The Missoulian over the weekend that was talking about business news in town and they mentioned "Firehouse Subs is moving into the old Fuddrucker's restaurant building at 2845 N. Reserve St. in Missoula. The fast-casual sandwich chain company is based in Florida and has over 1,000 locations across the country."

A couple things to note with that statement above. It says Firehouse is moving into the old Fuddrucker's building - but technically that building is no longer there. And I think the credit union news was confirmed by multiple sources so maybe there was a little confusion about where the new Firehouse Subs is actually going to be. I've heard a few different things and one of them was that they would start construction on the project in that same general area after the credit union project was near completion. Or, maybe the new structure is a multi-business situation. At this point I'll just wait until they put the sign on the building  - that's when I feel like I'll know for sure what's going on.

But in other food news - the article mentioned another addition to the Missoula dining scene. "A new Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Vi is moving into the old Quizno's and Cafe Zydeco at 2101 Brooks St. in Missoula, according to signs on the doors. It looks like it's still under construction."

It's always exciting when new food options are on the way. And I'm already a fan of Firehouse Subs so I can't wait until they open their new location.

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