The weather is beautiful in Montana right now and will only get better as we all enjoy the summer months. Summertime is gorgeous but can also be expensive with summer trips and barbeques cost money. So, I put together a short list on things that you can save money on during the month of June.

1. Gym Memberships - With everyone wanting to be outside lots of gym's have great promotions in the summer months to increase traffic through their doors. If you are in the market for a gym membership this may be the perfect time.

2. Winter Clothes - Obviously with the warm temperatures most people aren't searching for a jacket, that's why this time of year is perfect to grab a deal on warm clothing. Seriously, yesterday in Missoula my wife got a scarf for .47 cents!

3. Power Tools - What holiday is popping up in July, Father's Day. Lots of hardware stores are going to have deals so make sure to shop around before you buy dad something.

4. Dishes and Wedding Gifts - Tons of weddings are planned for the month of June, so in an attempt to get your money expect sales on everything for your home.

5. Restaurants - With the weather more people want to eat outdoors which causes restaurants to offer deals to get people in the door.

Also one more HUGE way to save money on lots of local products is the Seize The Summer auction coming up June 15th through the 19th. You can preview the auction and when it goes live, see everything here.