For a list like this, I had to reach our to a friend of mine: professional photographer Corey Dostal. It seems like every time you open up Facebook or Instagram you see another photo, normally a selfie, and often times with a beautiful background of Montana. The question is, where can you get the most beautiful photos around Western Montana? Here's what we came up with.

  • Lake Como

    Photo Challenge: Climb to a high enough elevation to capture the entire length of the lake.
  • Glacier National Park

    Photo Challenge: Capture several distinct geographical regions while staying within the boundaries of the park.
  • Flathead Lake

    Photo Challenge: Capture the lake at a moment of such stillness that you can't tell which side is the reflection.
  • Painted Rocks State Park

    Photo Challenge: Capture a rainbow of colors in the 'painted' rocks.
  • Mount Sentinel

    Photo Challenge: Everybody sees the M, but what does the M see?

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